We manufacture 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable products

The FÁBRICA DE PAPEL DE PONTE REDONDA, is located in the parish of Silvalde, municipality of Espinho, and was founded in 1848 by José de Almeida Moreira Pinto, having been leased to a family in Paços de Brandão, in 1923. This family developed it over the years and ended up acquiring the space where it was implanted in the 70's.
Having started by making paper by hand with raw material based on cotton and linen rags, it evolved into continuous processes, first with a round machine and then with a flat table, now using recycled papers as raw materials.
Continuous paper production was accompanied in the 1940s by the transformation into manual paper bags for groceries and drugstores and in the 1950s by the compact, air-dried sheet cardboard.
Since the 1960s, the manufacture of bags has evolved into multi-leaf bags of all kinds, becoming the Group's fundamental activity, presently with a very important machine park, even at European level.
In the 1980s, the production of corrugated board in sheets and reels began, to integrate the production of its own papers suitable for the sector, allowing its better flow and increasing its added value.
Being a family business, its dynamism has led it to reach a top place in the national consumption of kraft papers, as well as in the production of bags of all kinds: Open / sewn, Open / glued, Valve, printed in up to 4 colors, with all compositions and papers suitable to the specific needs of each client.
It is present at an international level, namely: Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc., having already reached a very interesting level (about 50%) of its production destined for foreign markets, despite the high transport charges that are due to its location in the extreme of Europe.
Along with this development in the productive field, the FÁBRICA DE PAPEL DE PONTE REDONDA has sought to improve spaces, technology and quality, as well as an integrated, sustained and harmonious environmental control in the vast area where it is located.